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Blogging is Murder!

The first in the Jade Blackwell cozy mystery series of books about a woman who blogs by day and solves crimes by night, Gilian Baker’s Blogging is Murder is already winning over cozy fans and authors alike.

Though she was certainly born with all the traits of a world-class private detective, blogger Jade Blackwell believed she would do nothing more than solve the murders in her latest favorite cozy mystery book… All of that changed when her best friend, Liz, is framed for murder. Now it’s up to Jade to help her friend regain her life and get Liz off the hook. What she learns will break the case wide open, while unraveling her faith in humanity and the safety she feels living in the Rocky Mountain hamlet she calls home.

The trailer for Blogging is Murder is changing what people think about book trailers. The recently released live action video trailer features real actors, real blogging, and real murder mystery.

View the trailer for Blogging is Murder on YouTube here.

Blogging is Murder is now available here.

Early Rave Reviews for Blogging is Murder

“Blogging is Murder is the perfect weekend getaway read cozy fans will enjoy.”
~Jenna Harte, author of The Valentine Mysteries and Southern Heat series

“The well-paced action through the book made my heart race. The trail of hints that foreshadow whodunit made me think. The clever references to other famous mystery novels made me laugh out loud. Gilian Baker’s Blogging is Murder is a real page turner that you’ll want to share with all of your family and friends.”
~Ryan Stabile, founder of Words Are Swords Publishing and author of The Machines that Run on Blood

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About Gilian Baker

Gilian Baker is a former writing and literature professor who finally threw in the towel and decided to just show ‘em how it’s done. She has gone on to forge a life outside of academia by adding blogger & ghostwriter to her CV. She currently uses her geeky superpowers only for good to entertain cozy mystery readers the world over. When she’s not plotting murder, you can find her puttering in her vegetable garden, knitting in front of the fire, snuggled up with her husband watching British mysteries or discussing literary theory with her daughter.

In her next life, she fervently hopes to come back as a cat, though she understands that would be going down the karmic ladder. She lives in Flagstaff, Arizona with her family and their three pampered felines.

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Gilian Baker Press Kit