Tarot cards are not a new phenomenon, even though all things metaphysical are now in vogue. In fact, the first mention of tarot cards occurred in the 1440s during the Renaissance period in Northern Italy.
It may surprise you that they started out as a card game one could play alone, like Solitaire. It wasn’t until as late as the 18th century that tarot cards started being used for divining one’s fortune or future.
Tarot cards are a divination tool used by people around the world, and it just so happens they feature proximately in Book 3 of the Jade Blackwell Mystery Series, Murder Over Medium.
So much in fact that I consulted with a brilliant tarot reader, Susan Ellis-Saller, before writing the ending of the book. She made sure I got the details of the reading just right, and that I revealed enough about Jade’s future…but not too much.
People are always asking me about the research I do for my books. Here are a few fun facts about the tarot when writing the book.


Tarot Card Fun Facts

Because they were originally used as a game, they bare a striking resemblance to today’s playing cards. In fact, each of the suits in a tarot deck has a counterpart in a deck of regular old playing cards. Check this out:
  • The suit of Cups is associated with emotions and relationships. These cards often reveal upcoming changes and developments in your love life, family life or friendships. It’s playing card counterpart is Hearts.
  • The suit of Pentacles is connected to security, success, and money. These cards can often disclose changes and developments in your work life and finances. It’s equivalent to Diamonds in the playing card deck.
  • The suit of Swords is related to the intellect and conflicts. These cards often indicate changes or upheaval in parts of your life and an abundance of mental energy going into making decisions. It’s playing card counterpart is Spades.
  • The suit of Wands is related to projects and motivation. These cards often indicate changes and developments in productivity, projects, and goals that are important to you, as well as revealing a desire to understand a higher life’s purpose. It’s equivalent to Clubs in the playing card deck.

Want more tarot card fun facts? Sure, you do! Who wouldn’t?

  • Aleister Crowley, “the wickedest man in the world” and the most famous occultists actually created his own tarot card deck. Unfortunately, he died before they could be manufactured. However, they are available to purchase now…if you are that brave.
  • It’s believed that having the client shuffle the tarot card deck before a reading affects that reading. Depending on the psychic or tarot reader, you may be instructed to shuffle the deck in a certain way. Or, you may be able to shuffle them any way you want. Regardless, your energy is placed on the cards when shuffling them, which subsequently affects their reading.
  • There are many different types of Tarot “spreads,” or ways to lay out the cards based on the type of guidance you are seeking.
  • Many people believe that the Death card in the tarot deck means literal death. This myth is promoted by movies tarotand TV. But in fact, the Death card represents transformation, much like the changing of seasons or the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.
  • If you look carefully on the Murder Over Medium book cover, you’ll see the Death card predominately displayed. Guess I’m propagating the myth too. 🙁
  • Tarot cards cannot be used to predict your future. They are simply a tool to be used to tap into our inner wisdom and iTarotntuition. They are a way to gain clarity and guidance on questions or problems we have.
    As Gwendolyn the psychic medium in Murder Over Medium says, the tarot only reveals the answers we already have inside of us.
There are a ton of different tarot decks available. If you are looking for the right one, you just need to choose the deck that “speaks to you.”
The Wisdom of Avalon cards by Colette Baron-Reid are my favorite cards. She even has an app!

Do you have a favorite tarot card deck? Let us know what it is in the comments!


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