Since the next book in the Jade Blackwell Mystery Series deals with the paranormal, it's only fitting that today I tell my fans a ghost story. So sit back and enjoy--if you dare!

Book 3 in the series, Murder Over Medium, will be released Dec. 31st, so you can start your New Year off right! 🙂

When our daughter announced she wanted to attend college at Ohio University, we didn’t realize we were sending her off to one of the most haunted campus in the world! Ohio University is located in Athens, Ohio and was the first college formed in the state in 1804. There are many stories of hauntings in the small college town, and in fact, in the entire county.

But the one I’m going to share occurred (or should I say occurs) right on campus—in one of the dorm buildings.

A True Ghost Story from Athens, Ohio

The ghost story goes that in the 1970s, a girl living in Wilson Hall, room 428, died violently after practicing various forms ghost storyof the occult, including attempting to contact the dead. Those who knew her said she tapped into the energy of the room to practice astral projection and that she was enthralled by sorcery.

Although the college continued to assign students to room 428 Wilson Hall after her death, they were forced to declared it “uninhabitable” after a series of students complained of hearing strange noises and footsteps  while living in the room, not to mention seeing objects move by themselves and fly across the room to smash against the wall. To this day, the room is the only one on campus that is sealed off and goes unused, even for storage. Students and residents of the town continue to witness sightings of a girl standing at the window of room 428.

The building is located in an auspicious location. It’s in the dead center (pun intended) of a huge pentagram that is made up of five cemeteries situated throughout the town. (You can't make this stuff up! I know, I've tried.)You can see the pentagram for yourself on maps of the area.

ghost story

If that weren’t enough, there’s also proof it was built on top of an early cemetery of the Athens Lunatic Asylum, itself haunted. Experts in spiritualism describe the geography of the area as being conducive to psychic energy.

ghost story

Let’s build a dorm on top of a cemetery, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.  🙂

Stay tuned for a sneak peek and secret reveals from the upcoming book!       



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