A Time to Kiln is now available for readers to enjoy!

It’s been a thrill watching the process come together. From the first (painful) draft of A Time to Kiln to the formatting…it’s just been magical!

Haven’t read the synopsis yet?

A Time to Kiln: A Jade Blackwell Cozy Mystery (Book 2)

Disenchanted with life after solving her first real case, Jade Blackwell, successful blogger and amateur sleuth, throws herself into a new hobby…until murder rears its ugly head.

But when Jade attempts to ferret out the killer of local pottery teacher, Paula Hexby, she comes up short and suspicion begins to descend on her daughter’s former boyfriend. Evidence and bodies are stacking up, as Jade finds herself caught between an untrustworthy client and her beloved community.

Now at a personal and professional crossroads, Jade must once again jump into the breech, along with partner Gabrielle Langdon, to uncover the truth behind this string of horrific murders. Is she really cut out for this life of sleuthing and danger? Has Jade been defending the real murderer all along? Or is there something much moreA Time to Kiln sinister afoot?

Sound chilling? Get your digital copy here.

To celebrate the release of Book 2 in the series, I’m going on a virtual blog tour and am offering Book One in the Jade Blackwell Cozy Mysteries Series, Blogging is Murder, FREE for several days.

First up, the Virtual Blog Tour. We kick off over on Misterio Press on Tuesday, Aug. 1st. As you know, I’m lucky enough to be published by them, so it’s great to start the tour there.

I’ll also be visiting:

Wed., Aug. 2nd — The Editing Pen

Thursday, Aug. 3rd — Alexandra Amor, author of A Town Called Horse Historical Mystery

Friday, Aug. 4th — K.B. Owen, author of The Concordia Wells Mysteries

Sunday, Aug. 6th — Sherri Bryan author of The Charlotte Denver Cozy Mystery Series

Monday, Aug. 7th — Lois Winston, author of  The Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery Series

My deepest thanks to all my hosts!

Starting on Thursday, Aug 3rd, Blogging is Murder will be FREE in celebration of the release of A Time to Kiln. So if you haven’t gotten your copy (Say What?!) you’ll want to get over there and get it by Sunday, Aug. 6th!

Enjoy the latest installment in the Jade Blackwell Cozy Mystery Series! I’ll be back with more!

Mysteriously Yours,


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