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Today is a big day for me. Today I have the honor of becoming the newest member of Misterio Press, an indie publishing company. I couldn’t be more proud! The other authors at Misterio have a substantial number of successful mystery books under their collective belt. And then there’s little ole me. The newbie. I have a LOT to live up to, let me tell ya!

How I became part of this amazingly talented group of women is one of those serendipitous events that reminds me that I am part of a bigger web of life than I ordinary believe or understand.

Before the release of my debut book, Blogging is Murder,  I started a book blog tour. One of the sites that graciously hosted me on the tour was Misterio Press. Up until then, they didn’t know me, and I didn’t know them. We became better acquainted through a series of unfortunate events (yes, I love those books!) Though the events caused me much worry and anxiety, what came out of them was the invitation to join this group of supportive women. Had the “disaster” not occurred, their blog would have been just one more stop along the tour.

I’m so grateful to the Universe for the “unfortunate events” that led me to this fabulous opportunity! I know I will learn and grow under the tutelage of these extraordinary women. I am honored and humbled by their trust in me and am forever indebted to them for taking me under their wings.

I encourage you to head over to the Misterio Press website to find Killer Fiction! There is something for everyone in their impressive list of titles, and they share fascinating content for mystery aficionados on the blog.


Mysteriously Yours,




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