10 Things Jade and I Have in Common

Jade and IThey say you should write what you know, so it’s no accident that Jade and I have many things in common. When I had the idea for the book, I was struggling, trying to build up a blog. I was frustrated and exhausted because there was always more to do than I could get finished. I was working 60 hr. weeks with no end in site. So Jade’s story, as it was written originally, was a catharsis. It was a way I could work out my frustrations while doing something creative.

The story has changed a great deal, and I’ve stopped blogging because now I’ve discovered I love to write fiction! With no further ado, here’s a list of 10 things Jade and I have in common.

  1. Love cats

    As the picture implies, we both love cats. In fact, the kitty in the picture looks a lot like my cat, Serenity. Jade’s cats are Tommy and Tuppence, named to honor the Grand Dame of Mystery–Agatha Christie.

  2. Need to get out of the house more often

    Working as a solopreneur (an entrepreneur who works alone, usually online) frequently means you don’t leave the house nearly as much as most people. Both Jade and I have been told that we need to get out of the house more often–at the very least just to keep our social skills up to par. {Spoiler alert: In the 2nd Jade Blackwell Mystery, Jade takes a pottery class to do just that.}

  3. Are bloggers and ghostwriters

    Both Jade and I started out our careers as college professors, but after many years, decided it was time for a change. We both turned to blogging and freelance writing as a way to get out of academia and get paid for our writing skills.

  4. Love tea

    We both drink tea all day long. Either hot or cold, we love tea. My personal favorite hot tea is P.G. Tips, “England’s favorite tea.” Jade’s favorite at the moment is Twining’s Lady Earl Grey.

  5. Love their families

    Jade and I are the luckiest of women. We love our families, and they love us. Our children still live with us so we get to spend time with them frequently. I live with my husband of 33 years and our daughter, Alexandria.  Jade lives with her husband of 24 years, Christian, and her daughter Ellie, who comes home from college every chance she gets.

  6. Love the mountains

    Neither Jade nor I can imagine living anywhere other than in a small town surrounded by mountains. I live in Flagstaff, Arizona (if you don’t think Arizona gets snow, read this or this) Jade, of course, lives in Aspen Falls, Wyoming–a hamlet near the Medicine Bow Mountains.

  7. Are curious

    We are both what is lovingly known as being “nibby.” We want to know the details of how things work, why they work that way, and of course, whodunit. Jade’s the only one of us whose curiosity has gotten her into dangerous situations, though I’ve landed in a few sticky ones myself.

  8. Love our slow cookers

    Solopreneurs tend to work too much since our offices are right in our homes and because there’s always work to be done when you run a business. Jade and I are both guilty of forgetting to make supper because we’ve gotten caught up in our work. To avoid starving our families, we use our slow cookers almost daily. This could also be because we don’t like to cook. 🙂

  9. Love to write

    After teaching others how to write for years, Jade and I both decided we wanted to actually write, rather than teach writing. I fell into ghostwriting by accident when a client came across my writing blog. Jade started her freelance writing service, Professor’s Pen, and still remembers the first dollar she made off her writing prowess.

  10. Love a good mystery
    Maybe because we are so curious, we both love a good mystery. I can’t claim to have solved an actual case like Jade can, but I do love to read a good mystery. We both love Agatha Christie’s novels, as all self-respecting mystery readers do. If you’d like to know some of my other favorite mystery writers, read this post.

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  1. I saw so much of you in Jade as I was reading the book. Especially the cats! I still remember when you got Simon. 🙂

    • I remember too! Remember we had to go back the next day–they wouldn’t let me have him the first time, not sure if I’d be a good “mommy!” Simon and I had many happy years together. I swear he was a guardian angel in disguise! Thanks for your comment!

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