The smell of pine and snow is in the air in my hometown. I love the New Year season–the anticipation of what is to come. A lot of people spring clean, but I like the Eastern philosophy of cleaning right before the New Year. It is symbolic–a way to clear out the old energy from last year to prepare for the new. That means that when I’m not editing the book this weekend, I’ll be cleaning and decluttering. 🙂

Of course I will make time to attend Flagstaff’s unique take on the New Year’s ball drop in Time’s Square…we drop a huge pine cone. You see, Flagstaff is Happy New Year from Gilian and Jadein the Coconino National Forest that is full of pines and aspen trees. Hence, the pine cone drop.

Flagstaff-ians bundle up and head to the town square where we count down the time to ring in the New Year. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, there is snow. But we love it all the same. We are a hearty lot! The cone drops from the historic Weatherford Hotel and there is much merriment to be had.

Last year my daughter and I attended the event, in spite of the minus 7 degrees temperature. We had a blast, as you can see from the picture. It’s not supposed Happy New Year from Gilian and Jadeto be nearly that cold this year, so hopefully we will be able to drag my husband out of the warm house to stand around outside and celebrate with us!

New Year’s Goals

And of course, New Year’s is the time to look back at what we accomplished and what we can do better in the coming year. As a solopreneur (an entrepreneur who works solo–without a dedicated staff), there is always a great deal to evaluate, as well as plans to be made for the upcoming year. Setting and prioritizing goals is always a part of my New Year’s celebration.

In my debut book, Blogging is Murder, Jade understands the importance of goal setting and prioritizing. She also knows that productivity gurus preach the importance of not checking your email the first thing in the morning. This is what Jade has to say about that:

“Even though every productivity guru on the planet says to never, ever check your email first thing in the morning, I did. And I usually do. Nothing too exciting or horrifying in my inbox today, I’m happy to say to productivity gurus everywhere. Nothing to get me off track. But I must admit that it can just as easily go the other way. An email from a disgruntled customer who wants a refund or notification about a nasty comment from an Internet troll can definitely get you started off on the wrong foot.

My first order of business was to email Gabby to ask her what she knew about the laws protecting small businesses from cyber-security threats. I knew she would check her email first thing (she didn’t listen to the gurus either) so I shot off a quick email to her. It was barely 7 am, and I had already marked off my first task for the day. I smugly clicked ‘send.’ Take that, productivity gurus!”

Like Jade, I have a bad habit of checking my email first thing in the morning. Sometimes even before I get out of bed. YIKES!

Even though I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I do have a short list (okay, a long list) of goals I plan on working on in 2017. One of them is to avoid checking email until 11 am. Also on my 2017 list is to publish 3 Jade Blackwell novels! That’s a big undertaking, but one I’m excited about!

Speaking of books, I’m heading back over to put some finishing touches on mine to get it ready for you all to read and enjoy.

What New Year’s Eve traditions do you have? What are your goals for the coming year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! (So would Jade!)


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